Why, hello there!

Now that you can put a face to the name, I’m Sierra. I am originally from a small town in northern Wisconsin called Ogema, and I’m sure most aren’t sure where that is. That’s okay, you are forgiven if you don’t. Throughout my time in school, I absolutely loved art classes. I took at least one every year in high school, if not two. Fun fact, my creative side emerged while drawing extremely imaginative scenery pictures with a plethora of Crayola products and turning toilet paper and paper towel rolls into little characters. The drawings are still in the right side drawer of my parents coffee table but they have since moved on from the little roll characters.

Growing up, I was also very active, running distance in track, cross country, and playing basketball. I still try to run, although the motivation to do so is a little harder to work up nowadays. I was also introduced to weight lifting in high school, and absolutely love it. In my free time, I love sitting down with a good book, usually finishing it in one sitting if I have the time, or tickling the ol’ ivories. This past fall, I purchased a digital piano that will be much easier to move around with me as I get settled into my new life after college, and frankly, this piano will probably never go out of tune.

I made the 3-hour move to Madison almost 4 years ago now, to attend Madison College. I first started in the Graphic Design and Illustration program and shortly after decided to add on another program which was Web and Digital Media Design. I really found a true passion in designing, and I can’t narrow down what I like best about it quite yet. I will say one of the perks is learning about the brands/companies I design for. There is so much new information to find in this field and I’m excited to continue learning and growing as a person and designer. Thank you for viewing my portfolio. Please feel free to check out my resume. I hope you enjoy or have enjoyed what you see or have seen!